1. Who is responsible for customs fees or duties charged on international orders (including the US)?

The end customer is responsible for paying any taxes, fees or duties levied by the destination country.

US orders valued under 800$ will be shipped with USPS and will not be subject to any fees.

US orders valued above 800$ must be shipped by courier and taxes or fees may be charged upon receipt of the order.

We cannot undervalue any costs of the products that we ship so please do not ask us to (it is against the law).

2. Can I return an order that has be customized/personalized:

 No, any item that has been designed or altered to match the request of a customer is always final sale. It is best to be absolutely sure you accept what was created for you before finally purchase.

3. Can Clearance Items be returned?

No. All clearance items are final sale.

4. Can I request Expedited Shipping?

At this moment we are not offering expedited shipping. Please ensure you read the shipping timelines before purchasing to ensure your product arrives on time. We will not accept returns for items that did not make it on time for a specific date.

Please note that shipping deadlines will be updated for seasonal purchases as well. It is always best to verify how long it will take before making a purchase.

5. I chose the wrong size, can I return it?

Possibly, please contact flgrntbrand@gmail.com with your inquiry and we will work through a return to exchange for a different size. To avoid this issue please look at sizing before making a purchase. 

6. What are the fabrics used for the scarves?

charmeuse: A light, semi-lustrous soft fabric, that has a satin-like feel. Straight charmeuse is expensive and extremely delicate.

chiffon: A delicate, sheer fabric with a soft finish; often layered because of its transparency.

crepe: A light, soft, and thin fabric with a crinkled surface.



How much?
There is no one set price for a custom piece of art. Each request must be looked at on an individual basis.  Price will be determined on the following:
  • Artwork requested (the amount of detail required, colours used etc)
  • Location or artwork
  • Item to be painted (size and type example: Shoe Model etc)
All custom Pricing is NON-NEGOITABLE.  All orders must be paid in FULL prior to actually starting the customization process.
How long does it take to make my custom t-shirt, shoes, etc?
This can vary based on design requested, the item being painted, and the time the order is placed. FLGRNT currently run on a schedule and a timeline based on when orders are received. We will always advise of the approximate start and end dates. Please keep in mind that time can vary as each item is painted by hand.

  • T-shirts, sweaters, Jackets & other small accessories: typically 2-3 weeks minimum depending on the design or location of the designs.
  • Shoes: typically 2-3 months minimum depending on f the design or location of the deisgn.
Will you draw what it will look like first?
No, the reason for this is that it will add time and cost to the overall product. If you absolutely need to see a sketch of the product be aware that the cost of the item will double for the time spent creating a first sketch. This also doesn't not guarantee the item will look exactly as the sketch for a few reasons: painting on clothing and shoes is different from paper surfaces are not smooth. These objects are multidimensional and will change the way the artwork looks. We need to be able to adapt the art and colour for the object we are painting on.
How does a custom paint job hold up in the real world?
The paint, the process and the final sealer used do a great job to protect your custom. The products we use are the best proven products in the world.
Under normal conditions (ie. casual wear) your customs will last the normal lifespan. Keep in mind you are wearing "custom works of art" and treat them with care.
Will the paint wash off?
For all painted clothing there is some degree of fading that will happen if you design to put the items in a washer/dryer. To avoid fading it is best to hand wash all items. For custom shoes short answer is No, it is a permanent bond with the shoe. Its waterproof as much as the base shoe was.  If you get caught in the rain, no worries. However do not put shoes in a machine wash. It is best to get a gentle foam cleaner and microfibre cloth to clean shoes.
Are all your shoes legit?
100% Everytning comes from only reputable shops such as Footlocker, Finishline, Outlet stores and so on. We do not use fakes.
Are the shoes included in the price of a custom?
Yes. This will only vary if you decide to ship a brand new pair yourself to be customized.
Specific Need by Date/Rush to Head of the Line
At this moment we cannot offer rushed custom orders. All orders will be completed in the order we received them.
Can I send you my own item to paint?
Yes, but only under the following conditions:
  1. All shipped items must be brand new.  
  2. You must also tell me what is being shipped (pictures preferred & tracking number) prior to shipping and if they show up in non new condition, I reserve the right to send back at the clients expense.
  3. Must be an item I can paint on (consultation prior to shipping required).
Will you repeat a design you did?
Short answer No. FLGRNT may create a similar version but generally each item is truly one of a kind. If you are looking for customs for an event, or a couples gift this may be the only time that we duplicate a design but the request would need to be for 2 or more of a requested item and purchased together. Please contact for more details to see if we can accommodate your request.
Can you copy/make like this?
We do not copy others artwork. If you like another artists work please support them and purchase a design directly from said artist.
I chipped, scraped my customs
The shoes hold up remarkably well to the world. I have athletes using on the fields and courts, outing the to the test. That said, if you manage to screw one up, shoot me an email and I'll do what I can to get you fixed up.  Buyer is responsible for shipping.
Can you restore my...?
Sorry, we do not offer restorations.
Return Policy
Due to the nature of these products all custom orders are final. The consultation and communication along the process serve solidify you to know exactly what you are getting.  If a package is damaged in shipping, immediate notification shall be sent to me so we can properly handle the issue.  All orders are carefully packed and made to withstand the abuse of shipping worldwide.